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What do you think of Laurel & Hardy ?

I love them and have a few videos of .. but if anybody have a site so I can get some more videos it’d be so appreciated .

and what do you guys think of them and the old funny videos ?

Asked by:[Un]beloved

laurel and hardy dvd collection – booklets?

Hi, I picked up three DVDs at a charity shop for the 21 disc Laurel and Hardy DVD collection (an excellent set). These were missing the booklet which have come with those I purchased as new.

Does anyone know of anywhere on the internet where these booklets can be printed or downloaded?

Many thanks

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TOP funniest movies from Laurel & Hardy?

your top funniest movies from Laurel & Hardy

Asked by:Alex M

Where can I can I find information on Layrel and Hardy DVD?

What I’m specifically looking for is this:

I have just managed to complete the set of 20 restored L&H films. The final one, number 20 “More Brushes With The Law” has no information booklet inside. I’m not complaining since I got it 2nd hand. I just thought it would be nice to have the information folded inside. If you cannot help me find the booklet information, any information on any of the following Laurel and Hady short films will do.

Going Bye-Bye
Do Detectives think?
Habeas Corpus
Angora Love
Bacon Grabbers
The Midnight Patrol
Wrong Again

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what laurel & hardy movie was this?

Can anyone tell me what was the name of the laurel & hardy movie where they are looking after a kid and they say the line, “How much would you charge to haunt a house” Thanks for your answer

Asked by:IAN B

Has anyone heard of this movie?

I’m looking for a movie, I think it’s called “The Music Box”. I know there’s one titled that, that’s a Laurel & Hardy movie, but that’s not the one I’m looking for. The one I’m looking for is a Christian film, about a man who, during his dull life, finds a music box that brings him joy. It features the song “Shout!” (shout a little bit softer now,,,shout a little bit louder now,,,(that song)). Does anyone know for sure what it’s called, if it’s on VHS or DVD, or have you heard of it? I saw it in my church youth group,,probably 25 or so years ago, and I’d like to see it again. Thanks!

Asked by:lisamburt

Isn’t it strange sometimes with comedy?

I’m sitting here watching one of my Laurel & Hardy DVD’s (well not RIGHT now obviously).

But anyway, isn’t it incredible that somethings so old can survive so long without losing anything.

Considering i’m in my mid twenties and that these films/shorts were made 50 years before I was even born.

I cant help thinking though that moderm comedy wont survive eg. little britain, katherine tate (who i dont find funny anyway) etc.

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