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Let Me Call You Sweetheart – The Avalon Boys

Movietone News: A stroll through cinema history

Books and lobby cards and soundtracks and Super-8 movies… and, as special guest, none other than the winner of Carfax Abbey’s recent Hammer glamour girls poll: Caroline Munro herself. … The days when you could watch a Laurel & Hardy short sat in a box. . Here’s a genuine typed letter from D. Goldenberg, General Manager of the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, dated March 11th, 1931, urging me to see Trader Horn, “the miracle film of the decade”: . Dear Patron, … …

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Laurel and Hardy Jumping

Laurel and Hardy jumping!

The Great Race |

Director Blake Edwards, fresh from the success of the first two Pink Panther movies, indulged his love of classic slapstick comedy with this long free-for-all, which throws in everything but Laurel and Hardy’s kitchen sink. …. the money being spent at every opportunity: the opening dedication to Laurel & Hardy may be well-meant, but the 150 minutes that follow make such sentiments ring hollow when you consider the combined budget of EVERY short and feature Stan & Ollie … …

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TCM – Billy Crystal on Comedy and Laurel and Hardy

Billy Crystal reminisces about his childhood interest in comedy and performance as well as his love of Laurel and Hardy. For more classic clips and great video go to

The Saphead |

This DVD also includes two of Keaton’s best short films The High Sign and One Week. These films show a more familiar Keaton and have some incredible comic stunts. The High Sign also features a cameo from the wonderful Al St. John, … The production crew built a giant house prop worthy of Keaton’s comedy, and there’s a fun gag that involves the moving of an unwieldy piano that rivals the problems that beset Laurel and Hardy in their Oscar-winning short film THE MUSIC BOX. … …

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Laurel & Hardy, Vol. 1 & 2

Laurel & Hardy, Vol. 1 & 2No description for this product could be found, but have a look over at Amazon for reviews and other information.

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