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Scooby Doo Meets Batman & Robin!

EdGross – 4/29/2010, 5:02 AM. Hows SCOOBY DOO like Laurel and Hardy?? And who’s DON KNOTTS??? Though saying that, can’t say I’ve ever watched a Laurel and Hardy movie, though seen bits on TV! : P Whats their best work? Anyone? … I was always a HUGE fan of The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner show, and better yet, the other shorts with those characters that ran during the week. Other favorites were Jonny Quest, Underdog, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Speed Racer. … …

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Laurel and Hardy mattress move

A slap-stick move, of a mattress- up the stairs.

Any one out there like Laurel and Hardy? |

Any one out there like Laurel and Hardy? and what are your favourite film or short film do you like?My favourite ones are “Our Realations”,”Way out West” and “Busy Bodies”.No matter how many times I watch them they still make me laugh. … hell yeah!!…they were amazing good way to cheer yourself up just stick on one of their dvd’s there will never been another comedy duo like those two. Anna says: April 29, 2010 at 7:07 pm. well when I was like 9 years old I watch it … …

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Longpier: FEATURE: Southend Film Festival 2010

BRITISH NOIR: THE GLASS CAGE 15:00 The Laurel & Hardy Suite, Park Inn SHORT FILM AWARDS 17:45 Park Inn Palace Ballroom IS YOU IS: A LOUIS JORDAN STORY 17:45 The Laurel & Hardy Suite SUS : CLOSING GALA FILM 20:45 Park Inn Palace Ballroom Tuesday 4th May … Kiz says: 26 Apr 2010 15:58:00. I do wish they would add some SUBTITLED films to the Film festival for the hard of hearing ! Every cinema is capable and every DVD (more or less) carries subtitles these days. … …

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laurel and hardy junior 5

laurel is op weg naar hardy omdat hardy jarig is. laurel heeft geen cadeau bij zich en komt een voorbijganger tegen. laurel krijgt iets vreemd van die man. hardy weet wel wat het is.

Irascible Ian's Personal Blog: Blu-Ray Review: Sunrise (1927)

Alas, too many of the early ‘film studio’ books that documented the early years have been out of print for years so that the main source of historical information these days tends to be in the form of DVD and Blu-Ray releases: either of the old films themselves, the best of which … Even as a kid from the generation that returned home from school to find children’s hour prefaced with ‘Laurel and Hardy‘ episodes on BBC1, I tended to want to turn over to the other channel. … …

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Streaming The Little Rascals: The Complete Collection Online …

Wild Poses (1933) – Commentary by Richard Ward (Laurel & Hardy Cameo) Hi, Neighbor (1934) (1st teaming Scotty Beckett with Spanky) For Pete’s Sake (1934) The First Round-Up (1934) (with Billy Bletcher) … This much anticipated DVD set is one of them. There are errors in the enclosed booklet. At least 16 or 17 of the shorts are inferior Blackhawk prints. Two of the silents have no musical score and the third silent is a Blackhawk print. “Washee Ironee” and “Bear Shooters” … …

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