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Where Data got his Laugh

Brent talks about when Data got his laugh and where he got the laugh from.

Read Reviews of Classic Comedy Teams Collection Abbott And …

If, like me, you’re a fan of all three comedy teams, for less than $20 U.S. this is a great addition to your DVD collection. I have been trying for years to get these movies, especially Abbott & Costello in Hollywood and Gold Raiders. … Laurel and Hardy, who began in silent films, were in sad decline by the time they made Air Raid Wardens (1943) and Nothing but Trouble (1944), but these two films at least manage to recapture some of the magic of this most beloved of … …

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Online movie download Towed in a Hole iPhone | deweready

Movie title: Towed in a Hole Year: 1932. Genres: Comedy, Short IMDB rating: 7.90. Starring: Stan – Stan Laurel Ollie – Oliver Hardy Directors: George Marshall Plot Summary: Laurel and Hardy are in the fish business. … Laurel and Hardy– Music Box/Busy Bodies/ Towed in a Hole (1932) If you create a user account, you can add your own review of this DVD. TOWED IN A HOLE – Original Black & White version. Stan and Ollie are fish peddlers. Review: Hulk Vol. 3: Hulk No More. … …

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Hamms Beer Commercial – Vintage Black and White Silent

Hamms Beer commercial featuring silent film of Laurel and Hardy. enjoy.

Becoming Charley Chase Movie Streaming « Sigrids Blog

This 4 DVD extravaganza clocks in at 450 minutes and covers his career as comedian and director from Keystone to the waste of the Hal Roach era. He became Charley Traipse (hence the name of the location) to distinguish the comedian from … He became Roach’s number one comedy headliner until he was eclipsed by Laurel & Hardy in the unhurried 20s. He continued to act and allege (at Columbia including a few 3 Stooges shorts in the gradual 30s like VIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR … …

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This Is Your Life – Jayne Mansfield (3/3)

This episode of This Is Your Life features Jayne Mansfield as the celebrity guest. Host Ralph Edwards introduces Mansfield’s mother and step-father, her counselor from Southern Methodist University, show business friends and her husband Miklós Hargitay and children. This series ran from 1952 to 1961. The show’s format was a documentary which provided a biography of the guest by featuring surprise visits from influential figures in the guest’s life. Interesting comments from Wikipedia: Some celebrities were unpleasantly surprised. Angie Dickinson refused to appear, and Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy was angered by being “tricked” into what would be the team’s only American television appearance on 1 December 1954. The meticulous Laurel later said, “[Oliver Hardy] and I were always planning to do something on TV. But we never dreamed that we would make our television debut on an unrehearsed network program… I was damned if I was going to put on a free show for them,” although he mellowed in later years when so many viewers told him how much they enjoyed the show. Lowell Thomas was probably the most hostile and annoyed on-air guest. When host Ralph Edwards tried to assure him that he would enjoy what was to come, Thomas replied, “I doubt that very much.” This video brought to you by hwy61media. Please take a moment to rate this video and add your comments. You can see all of my videos at: Please take a look and subscribe to my channel. If you would like to

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