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Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Pendant plus de 20 ans, le plus comique des duos de l’histoire du cinéma a fait rire le monde entier. Leur célèbre réplique : “C’est moi Laurel, c’est toi Hardy, c’est toi le gros et moi le petit” a fait le tour du monde. Portrait croisé. En voir plus sur :

Laurel & Hardy: Swiss Miss | Laurel And Hardy | Laurel And Hardy …

Laurel & Hardy play two mouse-trap salesmen who become entangled in a romantic storyline. Though the songs and the background story tend to get in the way, this film is well worth seeing for the L & H scenes – the two are at their finest … guessed it)where Stan and Ollie had to carry a piano across a wooden footbridge in the Swiss Alps,and encounter a Gorilla(who was played by actor Charles Gomora,the same actor who had played Ethel in the 1932 L&H short The Chimp). … …

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How to Choose Good Family Films — Life As Mom

Wallace & Grommit (short films) Sound of Music!!!! Parent Trap (original) The Absent-minded Professor (old version of Flubber) That Darn Cat. We also like to rent a lot of old tv shows from our library: Leave it to Beaver …. My oldest son , 16, particularly enjoys DVDs of ancient comedies which can be found at very low prices. These are really, really old. Think Laurel & Hardy as well as those without any voice comedy here. We pay attention to previews and reviews and … …

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Diamond Men | Katie Price Pictures, Photo Galleries, Videos & Gossip

The duo reminds me a lot of Laurel and Hardy. This movie was a shock for me to see, as I am used to Donnie portraying dark characters, and his character in this movie was the total opposite. I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this to be … quite interesting (although, sir, I don’t think you needed to tell us that one bare-breasted babe was “all natural, no silicone” — yuk!). Other DVD extras include three short deleted scenes and Spanish or English subtiles. Rating: 4 / 5 … …

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HD legal-&-safe Nacho Libre HD DVD Nacho Libre Download Online …

Laurel and Hardy isn’t for everyone either. Nacho Libre is not filled with Woody Allen irony, it doesn’t have Christopher Guest’s drollness, and it’s not James Brook slick. It’s not sophisticated humor! How can any film featuring Jack Black as a … this film. The movie, (apparently based on a real monk, though the end of the credits state that the film is totally fictitious) tells the story of Ignacio (Nacho for short), an orphaned boy who becomes a monk at an orphanage. … …

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Pardon Us -A Cover-

A cover of the great Laurel and Hardy Movie “Pardon Us”, we hope you like it as much as we liked to film it, and we also hope that maybe a laugh will come over your lips 😉 We know that we will never reach the brilliance of the original,and we don’t want to compete it, we just want to make you remember that good old movie =) Stan and Ollie we love you! 😀 Enjoy it(goofs are 4 free;) ) (This clip is part of the Kos Clipfestival =) )

Watch The Stan Laurel Collection Slapstick Symposium On Xbox 360 …

This new 2 DVD set from Kino from their SLAPSTICK SYMPOSIUM series showcases the talents of a pre-Oliver Hardy Stan Laurel and it’s definitely a mixed bag. Laurel (born Arthur Stanley Jefferson) began as an English Music Hall comedian … …

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