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The Return of Laurel and Hardy Poster Movie 11×17 Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy

  • Approx. Size: 11 x 17 Inches – 28cm x 44cm
  • Size is provided by the manufacturer and may not be exact
  • The Amazon image in this listing is a digital scan of the poster that you will receive
  • The Return of Laurel and Hardy 11 x 17 Inches Style A Mini Poster
  • Packaged with care and shipped in sturdy reinforced packing material

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Laurel & Hardy, Southend On Sea [200509]

Laurel hardy
Image taken on 2009-05-20 00:00:12 by danielweiresq.

Laurel & Hardy – Drinking scene

Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Lucille Brown, Arthur Pierson in “The Devil’s Brother” (1933) … aka Bogus Bandits (USA reissue title) … aka Fra Diavolo (UK, Greece) … aka The Virtuous Tramps (USA reissue title) … aka Die Teufelsbrüder (Austria, Germany) [de] … aka Dick und Doof – Hände hoch – oder nicht (West Germany) [de] … aka Fra Diávolo (Spain) [es] … aka Hermanitos del Diablo (Argentina) [es] … aka Fra’ Diavolo (Italy) [it] … aka Hände hoch – oder nicht (Austria) [de] … aka Kaksi muskettisoturia (Finland) [fi] … aka Die Sittenstrolche (West Germany) [de] … aka De Vroolyke bandieten (Netherlands) [nl] … aka Värdshuset göken (Sweden) [se] An adaptation of the 1830 French operetta Fra Diavolo by Daniel-François Auber. The English version of Fra Diavolo formed a significant part of the operatic repertoire in the United States from the late 1830s to the late 1850s. (

Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy; Bye Molly

Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy; Bye Molly

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The Music Box/Helpmates
How do you move a piano in the Hollywood Hills? If you’re Laurel and Hardy, you somehow decide to take the stairs–several hundred of them, it appears–just before you bring the truck around the side way. A delightfully extended slapstick turn, as the piano runs roughshod over the two hapless movers, who never do things the easy way when the hard way can be so much funnier. Amazingly, the instrument arrives in one piece, but not before it also gets dunked in a fish pond. Billy Gilbert makes a terrific foil for the dimwitted shenanigans of the ever-confident duo, as the piano’s unhappy recipient. –Marshall Fine

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