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Laurel and Hardy’s Laughing 20’s Art Poster Print

  • Title: Laurel and Hardy’s Laughing 20’s
  • Image Size: 27 in. x 40in.
  • Paper Size: 27 in. x 40in.

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Laurel and Hardy.- Rare Home Movies

Laurel and Hardy as youve never seen them before! In these private scenes of their triumphant visits to Stans homeland, the greatest comedy team in history prove that theyre just as delightful off screen as on! 1.GRAND HOTEL. The boys visit Stans native seaside village, Tynemouth, England and charm the huge crowds of admirers with their famous antics. “It took Oliver Cromwell, with 10,000 cannons, 10 years to disarm Tynermouth – Oliver Hardy did it in 10 seconds!” Includes a rare view of Hardy with his spectacles. Some of the silent scenes are accompanied by the duos voices, performing an amusing routine that was recorded during their visit to England.2.STAN and OLLIE. Laurel and Hardy tour Edinburgh, Scotland. After sightseeing at a castle, theyre again surrounded by throngs of worshipful fans, who fill a luxurious movie palace to see them in person. In a bizarre sequence, an army of uniformed ushers perform their duties with utmost solemnity, while the soundtrack provides a wild counterpoint: a “dance version” of L&Hs immortal theme music, “The Dance Of The Cuckoos.” On-stage, Laurel cries, Ollie wiggles his tie, the two playfully hit each other and show their mutual affection. Beguiling behind-the scenes glimpses of two of the screens favorite personalities. Caution – these are truly home movies, the pictorial quality varies from scene to scene. Silent films with music score, correct projection speed.29 minutes total.

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The Colonel’s Chauffeur runs over Tito Schipa !

The Colonel and his Chauffeur have a “smashing time” not unlike an episode of “Laurel and Hardy”

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VVV 2008-08-01 (Laurel & Hardy)

Fotoreportage van de VVV Business Lunch in restaurant “Laurel & Hardy” te Oostkamp op 1 augustus 2008

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The New Adventures of Laurel and Hardy 11 x 17 Movie Poster – Belgian Style A

  • Year 1965

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