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Isn’t it strange sometimes with comedy?

I’m sitting here watching one of my Laurel & Hardy DVD’s (well not RIGHT now obviously).

But anyway, isn’t it incredible that somethings so old can survive so long without losing anything.

Considering i’m in my mid twenties and that these films/shorts were made 50 years before I was even born.

I cant help thinking though that moderm comedy wont survive eg. little britain, katherine tate (who i dont find funny anyway) etc.

Your thoughts?

Asked by:Mike Sanders

  • jc q posted: 14 Nov at 4:04 am

    what about monty python ? dad’s army ? allo allo ? or even older like Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill,.. so many more to enjoy and they will survive just as katherine, little britain, .. since humor is of all ages..:-)

  • gymrat0187 posted: 16 Nov at 4:55 am

    True True True,
    The Three Stooges are still hilarious, as well as the Honeymooners and I love lucy, and I’m 34 so I’m not that old.

  • hazel posted: 18 Nov at 11:52 am

    good observation

  • Joey Bagadonuts posted: 20 Nov at 1:46 pm

    Oh wow I LOVE “fat ‘n skinny” as they were called in my neighborhood. Their comedy will make people laugh 50 years from now too. Those guys are timeless…..and did ya ever see the one where they buy a boat to catch their own fish?…..Another gem is the “Sons Of The Desert” episode.

    Psst….and if you like their comedy….you might like the music that played in the background too. I stumbled on this Italian web site by accident…

    “Well….here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.” Hahahaha


  • censoredandangry posted: 21 Nov at 6:27 am

    I disagree. If you sift through all of the crap, there is some great stuff out there now. The Office and The Simpsons come to mind. It’s like the argument that houses aren’t built like they used to or movies have gone downhill. Au contraire, mon frer, they have improved.

  • Steve posted: 22 Nov at 6:51 pm

    Slapstick will always be the same throughout the ages. But slapstick has a somewhat limited appeal, some people think it is really funny to see someone fall down a flight of stairs or get hit in the head with a hammer and some people don’t think it is funny at all.

  • budgie posted: 23 Nov at 2:45 pm

    It goes to show how the writers nowadays just haven’t got the creativity as they use to. I love the oldies, some of the TV ones still have me blowing tea through my nose, Only Fools and Horse’s, Open all Hours all brill!

  • Myases Dragon posted: 26 Nov at 7:16 pm

    It’s the dumbing down of tv. People used to have to think.

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