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Laurel & Hardy (14 Episodes)

Laurel & Hardy (14 Episodes)

No Description Available.Genre: TelevisionRating: NRRelease Date: 3-MAY-2005Media Type: DVD


  • Xiu juan posted: 31 Mar at 9:58 pm

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Laurel and Hardy (DVD)

    An absolute dud from ST. CLAIR ENTERTAINMENT.

    The solo piano used as backing for most of the silent films in this set in no way matches music to action, and is in fact a dub from a scratchy LP– clicks and pops abound, especially in gaps between the songs.

    LUCKY DOG (1918) – Their first appearance together. Stan bumps into stick-up man Ollie, who then delivers the future team’s first ever line: “Stick ’em both up, insect, or I’ll part your hair with lead.” The plot turns on the difficulties Stan’s mongrel dog brings him.
    Hardy appears again later, disguised as the Count de Chease. It’s clear from his interactions with Stan in the mansion scene that the two comedians meshed nicely, and needed to be teamed up.
    Quality is poor- a dark, washed-out first reel. Although the second is brighter, it’s filled with repaired breaks and jumps.
    THE TREE IN A TEST TUBE (1943) – L&H’s only color film is a short made for the Dept. of Agriculture. Silent footage with a voiceover, as we see all the amazing products made from processed wood. Print damaged by persistent scratches and color aging.
    THE FAMILY JOOLS (1931) – Cameos by L&H, Wallace Beery, Buster Keaton, the Keystone Kops, Edw. G. Robinson, Our Gang, Norma Shearer, Hedda Hopper, Joan Crawford, Harold Lloyd, Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier, Barbara Stanwyck, Joe E. Brown, Fay Wray and a dozen other stars of the era. A clear print, with good sound.
    STAN’S HOME MOVIES – Boring silent footage of mostly family and children. Good quality print.
    WEST OF HOT DOG (1924) – Laurel comedy. A mulitigenerational grayish copy. Take-off on “West Of The Pecos.”
    MUD & SAND (1922) – Laurel again, as a matador, complete with requisite bullfight climax. Washed out and dark copy.
    ORANGES & LEMONS (1923) – Stan once more. Slapstick at a citrus packing operation. Fair quality print.
    HOP TO IT BELLHOP (1925) – Ollie with Laurel look-alike Billy Ray, as two clumsy bellhops. Another multigeneration dub.
    THE SAWMILL (1921) – Practically unwatchable print. Ollie has a bit part in a lumberjack comedy.
    PAPER HANGER’S HELPER (1925) – Just a bad-looking copy.
    ENOUGH TO DO (1926) – Stan Laurel Production, starring another actor. Bridge building sillyness.
    KID SPEED (1923) – Ollie in support as Dangerous Dan McGraw, in a story of auto racing. Typically washed-out copy.
    YES YES NANETTE (1924) – A Laurel-directed Hal Roach short, with a minor league cast and Petey, the mutt from the Our Gang comedies.
    FLYING DEUCES (1939) – Another multigeneration, dull & dark dub of a famous L&H movie.
    BONUS: LAUREL & HARDY GAG REEL – Not-so-funny snippets from some of the movies on this disc. A fitting close to five hours of disappointment.

  • Jafaru posted: 31 Mar at 9:58 pm

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Unless you are a die hard Laurel and Hardy fan, I would suggest you pass this item up. I expected to get Laurel and Hardy doing comedy together. Almost all the programs are silent and they are not the two in the typical comedy situations. You get tired of the piano music and trying to figure out where they are. So, I was not impressed with this product.

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