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Laurel & Hardy: Do Detectives Think

Laurel & Hardy: Do Detectives Think

  • M. Shepherd posted: 03 Nov at 11:14 pm

    The boys had not yet fully developed their immortal characters, but you can see the beginnings of them here.

    Stan and Ollie are the world`s worst detectives. They have been given the job of protecting judge Foozle (Jimmy Finlayson) from

    the murderous Tipton Slasher. Would give you a nice warm feeling wouldn`t it? Knowing that your life was in the hands of L&H.

    While it`s not their best silent comedy you will still get plenty of laughs out of it.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Anyechka posted: 04 Nov at 1:16 am

    There’s a lot of debate about what the first “true” L&H film was, and this is one of the four titles mentioned most often. This was also the first film in which they appeared wearing their familiar bowler hats and suits, and with the personalities we know and love. However, this was their second false start as a team. They first appeared together and as a team in ‘Duck Soup’ in early 1927, but their next 6 pictures saw them together but not as a team. They were finally put together as a team again in this one, though their next two pictures saw them together but not as a team yet again.

    Noah Young (a really great character actor who specialised in heavies) is a murderer, and has been sentenced to death for his crimes. Not being one to be led to the slaughter so easily, he vows revenge upon the judge who decreed his sentence. The judge, Jimmy Finlayson, hires a couple of private detectives, Stan and Ollie, to come over to his house to protect him and his family. Young is already on the loose and manages to break into the house, and Stan and Ollie being whom they are do a pretty poor job of being detectives and protecting Jimmy. In a risqué (for the time) scene, we get to see Jimmy in the bathtub. Though everyone is terrified out of their wits, Stan and Ollie eventually manage to bungle their way into saving the day. Since they weren’t really consciously thought of as a permanent team just yet, Noah and Jimmy get equal amounts of screentime, making it more like an all-star short than a L&H short, but one shouldn’t quibble over niceties when this is such a nice, great, funny short.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Anonymous posted: 04 Nov at 4:00 am

    In DO DETECTIVES THINK, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were teamed up for the first time since DUCK SOUP. This was also the first appearance of the rumpled suits and bowlers that would become their trademark costumes. The “Stan and Ollie” characters, dignified but dumb, were nearing full fruition. In the film, Judge James Finlayson fears for his life when he learns that the bloodthirsty Tipton Slasher (Noah Young) has escaped from prison. The Slasher vowed revenge when the judge sentenced him to hang.Finlayson calls a detective agency to hire a pair of brave bodyguards. Instead, he gets Laurel and Hardy. Worse luck, the Slasher is already in the house, having disguised himself as the new butler!There is a lot of “haunted house” type comedy that might seem obvious, but fortunately, Laurel and Hardy’s encounters with the Slasher creates lots of laughs. The Boys also introduce a couple of their traditional bits of business here, notably the “Mixed Up Hats” routine. Perennial foil Finlayson has many funny moments, and Young (a former weightlifter, no less) is gleefully menancing as the Slasher. The video transfer (from a archival nitrate print) is beautiful, and the composite Vitaphone music track is excellent.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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