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name of the laurel and hardy film set in foriegn legion( not beau hunks) also james finlayson as commander?

don`t think it was silent,and does this film appear on the 21 dvd disc set?

Asked by:ANDREW K

  • havanadig posted: 01 Nov at 1:13 pm

    Beau chumps

  • Joleen D posted: 04 Nov at 4:41 pm

    Look under Laurel and Hardy in That is the internet movie data base. They seem to have everything.

  • CJ W posted: 07 Nov at 4:15 pm

    Might be the The Flying Deuces

  • chumpchange posted: 09 Nov at 3:58 pm

    yeah, its the flying deuces, i have the movie

  • Tod Teddy posted: 11 Nov at 8:05 am

    “Sons of the desert”, amazing film

  • SEAN L posted: 14 Nov at 7:20 pm

    sons of the desert, I’ve got the Laurel & Hardy colection on DVD boxset briliant!!

  • Palmerpath posted: 17 Nov at 10:56 pm

    You may be thinking of Bonnie Scotland, one of the few features Stan and Ollie made at MGM studios in the early ’30’s. Rather than the Foreign Legion, Stan and Ollie find themselves in a Scots regiment in India during the second half of the film, serving under Jimmy Finlayson’s sergeantry. There’s a marvelously fun scene where Stan and Ollie are assigned to clean up the training ground, and, as the squadron band practices, turn their clean-up into a jolly dance, which eventually ends with Finlayson being dunked in a water-trough, and the boys dancing into the guardhouse.
    Ring any bells of memory?
    Sadly, I don’t think that this one is in the special DVD set; it may be available through MGM–check Amazon to be sure.

  • shaun6309 posted: 19 Nov at 11:23 pm

    The film in question is definitely the “Flying Deuces” (1939). However, James Finlayson (the immortal “Fin”) appears as a prison warder in the film and not a commander.

    For some reason the film does not appear on the special 21 DVD set and believe this has something to do with how the film was produced.

    You might have got confused with “Bonnie Scotland” (1936) when the Boys enlist in a Scottish regiment. This film does have Fin as a Sargeant Major. Again, this film is not part of the 21DVD boxed set although you should be able to buy it over the Internet (as with the “Flying Deuces”) from another source.

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