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Stan Laurels daughter Lois interview on Richard and Judy

  • GenericGene posted: 07 Jan at 3:31 am

    Entertainment is a gift that speaks all languages, video’s take your talents to the masses – Gene *****

  • Gillyyorkie posted: 09 Jan at 10:32 am

    was funny that Stan laurel actually said before he died …………
    If any of you cry at my funeral, I’ll never speak to you again!

  • freakystyley73 posted: 09 Jan at 9:02 pm

    thanks for sharing!

    what about the film “stan”…based on a radio play I know, but it portrayed him as a self serving kind of person and not so friendly with Hardy. its great to hear a better side to the story from Lois.

    anyone got opinions about that particular film? and is there any full documentaries about them? (i’ve got collections of the old clips, etc…looking for something more recent if its about)

  • procommenter posted: 16 Jan at 10:20 pm

    Ollie died in 1957; Stan in 1966.

  • LaurelandHardyForum posted: 17 Jan at 8:21 pm

    Stan died in 1965

  • procommenter posted: 18 Jan at 2:28 am

    Thanks. You’re right: Stan Laurel died in 1965.
    Buster Keaton died in 1966.

  • TheGodParticle posted: 09 Feb at 7:44 pm

    wonderful lady, thank you

  • themrlownote posted: 08 Mar at 11:21 pm

    what was Oliver’s birthdate,birthplace?

  • prettyparisian posted: 24 Mar at 1:11 pm

    =) Lovely, Laurel and Hardy are the best. My name is Lois too =D x

  • sjmacc1412 posted: 19 Apr at 9:42 pm

    i’m 18 and was brought up watching Laurel and Hardy, they’ll never die!!

  • hyllaf posted: 20 Apr at 1:47 am

    ricky gervais always cites these two as a major influence!!! in fact, he does that Oliver stare often in The Office!!!!

  • TheGreenMile2410 posted: 26 Jun at 8:42 pm

    January 18 1892.

    Harlem, Georgia, USA

  • themrlownote posted: 26 Jun at 10:40 pm

    Thankyou GreenMile…of all things 1-18-52 is my birthdate…go figure?

  • mrceebees14 posted: 03 Sep at 4:00 am

    I have never seen her before, but yes, she definitely looks like her Father, especially the Eye’s.

    The width are nearly exactly like his.

  • DanielR305 posted: 12 Sep at 6:17 pm

    goodness richard and judy look youngish here The programe look like it was recorded around 86 87 I have walked around the Albert dock when this morning was filmed there I saw philip scofield and judy fliming it was great seeing though the studio window briefly I was also there the day when mark the streaker was there it was so funny that day mostly everyone was laughing apart from an old few people but mostly everyone did see the funny side apart from the tv crew for obvious reasons lol

  • gemini16th posted: 16 Sep at 5:27 pm

    Louis is such a sweet nice lady, with found rememberances of her father. You can see rare home movie videos of her as a child with Laurel & Hardy in several of the “Laurel & Hardy Collection” videos.

  • UbikValis2 posted: 26 Oct at 2:02 am

    A very nice interview, she’s very classy.

  • stewux posted: 10 Dec at 12:40 am

    Was watching some Laurel and Hardy stuff on here, and ended up at this video. She seems like a nice person, genuinely down to earth and quite shy and reserved, not ” hey, look at me I’m Stan’s daughter ” or anything like that. Bless her.

  • salvatorearcilesi posted: 16 Dec at 11:04 am

    die hat gut gelebt vom geld des vaters…………….so ist es halt

  • viperz998 posted: 29 Dec at 7:36 pm

    Nothing but shining stars that shall lighten the burdens of stress and fear the grevious world has devoured in…. Laurel and Hardy will live forever as joy amongst us..

    Respect !!!

  • roonus1 posted: 06 Jan at 8:02 pm

    ive watched Laural and Hardy since i was a kid, absolutely timeless, still leaves me in stiches!

  • bjane63 posted: 03 Feb at 7:52 pm

    Harlem, GA is near Ft. Gordon, GA, (army installation). I lived there for a few years and Harlem was practically down the road from there. Every year they have an Oliver Hardy day on his birthday, since he was born there..pretty cool.

  • Aztecius posted: 11 Feb at 12:08 pm

    Stan Laurel (on Oli’s death) – “The world has lost a comic genius. I have lost my best friend.”

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