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Laurel and Hardy – Nothing But Trouble Trailer

Theatrical trailer for Nothing But Trouble with Laurel and Hardy

  • LaurelHardyLady1 posted: 18 Feb at 1:06 am

    IT IS COMING…! The ‘Decoding Laurel and Hardy Project’ website? – very soon – one unique place where all your comments regarding the Return of? Laurel and Hardy can be displayed and viewed by all who feel the same way – that it’s about time that Laurel and Hardy were back on our screens, big and small. For further details – website launch etc – please contact­uk and join in one united effort to bring Laurel and Hardy back into all our lives!

  • NickyO220 posted: 18 Feb at 1:14 am

    this is impossable to get on dvd in the uk at the minute, i agree theres a real lack of laurels geinuss and talent, but i feel they both are still able to put thier creativity and magic into what they are being forced to act, i still see it there, its just the plots and the situations are more complex and some of the jokes where written in by different people trying to do different styles, and for that it is awful. but i dont care i still see the wonder these two bring even in this movie,

  • beavistv369 posted: 18 Feb at 2:10 am

    @CSK225 yea but im just saying they are not awful and the worst movies ever like people say they are entertaining but yea they are nowhere near has good as the hal roach classics

  • CSK225 posted: 18 Feb at 2:37 am

    @beavistv369 – I know there are some laughs in there, but Stan had no control and it shows. I can watch them, but they are just NOT classics, I’m sorry. Stan and Ollie are the best there’s ever been in my opinion and I just don’t like these movies because of the lack of respect for the mastermind that was Stan Laurel. You know what I mean? They were contractually obligated to do these movies that some hollywoodish pinheads wrote. They’re clearly not Laurel’s work.

  • beavistv369 posted: 18 Feb at 3:34 am

    @CSK225 They where not “horrible” if you give them a chance they are enjoyable and have some chuckles in them they are not all that bad GIVE THEM A CHANCE!

  • CSK225 posted: 18 Feb at 3:42 am

    @puck30 – Buy the UK collection (region 2) on Amazon…. it’s pretty cheap now. Then go to Home Depot or Lowe’s or somewhere like that and buy one of those 25 dollar DVD players you can hack to play region 2 – just make sure it supports PAL.
    I did this and it’s FANTASTIC! Everything is on there! I promise you won’t regret it… I paid a hefty fee for mine and I still don’t regret it.

  • puck30 posted: 18 Feb at 4:17 am

    You are right this one was brutal! I don’t know why but for some reason, unless you go through a third party. You can’t watch or collect the ‘Roach Years’ at the moment. Hope that changes.

  • CSK225 posted: 18 Feb at 4:23 am

    Oh man, these later films, under Fox and MGM (like this one), were horrible. Stan had been given no creative input and it showed. Stan wrote all the good stuff under Hal Roach. This stuff was terrible and Stan and Babe had no choice in the matter. Hollywood-y garbage. TCM shouldn’t have run this – it’s no classic. Laurel and Hardy were the best, hands down. TCM can find something better to run than this crap. What a dishonor to the greatest comedy team in history.

  • olilawsere posted: 18 Feb at 4:47 am

    is it true this on the dvd with air raid wardensd plays on region 2?

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