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Laurel and Hardy – Utopia

Utopia (1951) (also known as Atoll K and Robinson Crusoe Land) is last film Laurel and Hardy made together and a Controversial Last Film From a Great Comedy Team. It was filmed and produced in Europe. Here is the opening scene of the movie and extremely funny entering of both of them. High Quality:

  • LaurelHardyLady1 posted: 09 Feb at 1:21 am

    IT IS COMING…! The ‘Decoding Laurel and Hardy Project’ website? – very soon – one unique place where all your comments regarding the Return of? Laurel and Hardy can be displayed and viewed by all who feel the same way – that it’s about time that Laurel and Hardy were back on our screens, big and small. For further details – website launch etc – please contact­uk and join in one united effort to bring Laurel and Hardy back into all our lives!

  • ensconse posted: 09 Feb at 1:44 am

    Their best pcture since Hal Roach. What’s all the hang-ups?

  • robbyb26 posted: 09 Feb at 2:36 am

    Poor Stan, he looks so unhealthy. He came close to dying during the filming of this I think. This is probably the best part of this whole film. Ollie making Stan come back so he can enter first is gold!

  • GenesisKnights posted: 09 Feb at 3:09 am

    Explain to me why this is as bad as it is perceived?

    Isn’t Bad at all..

  • mickclews posted: 09 Feb at 3:15 am

    I feel for the Boys….they battled the language barrier, illness and a terrible script with dignity and great repose. It’s very evident, even in their later years that the Boys had charisma, screen presence and a gift for performing. I so wish they had been able to film Laurel & Hardy’s Fabulous Fables….

  • beavistv369 posted: 09 Feb at 3:43 am

    this is not laurel and hardys best work (sons of the desert,blockheads and things like that are there best) but i still kinda like this movie

  • ToAllSubscriber posted: 09 Feb at 4:33 am

    Its one of the funniest stuff out here

  • NoVideoStillFamous posted: 09 Feb at 5:15 am

    Laurel and Hardy are just awesome!!!

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