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Laurel & Hardy Convention ‘Amsterdam 2008’

This video was part of the presentations of plans to have an international convention of the Laurel & Hardy appreciation society ‘Sons of the Desert’ in Amsterdam, Holland, in 2008. The date of the conventions has now been fixed at July 9-13, 2008.

  • wrcoe posted: 31 Dec at 1:10 am

    WIsh I could have attended. I belong to the Utopia Tent of the Sons of the Desert.

  • DJMuppet339 posted: 31 Dec at 1:40 am

    any guys have a cam? i have mine in my profile B

  • aseagris posted: 31 Dec at 2:29 am

    OK thanks! … so glad to hear that I’ll look into it 😉

  • NzedKiwi posted: 31 Dec at 3:21 am

    Sons of the Desert definitely allows women! i have been to one convention already and im looking forward to Amsterdam 2008. You should definitely find a tent near you and join and experience the fun at the get togethers. i have never heard of a tent excluding women or a convention either for that matter

  • CrazyCStudios posted: 31 Dec at 3:41 am

    Looking at the globe, Amsterdam looks to be only this far from home. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can attend, as much as I would like to.

  • COKINF posted: 31 Dec at 4:07 am


  • aseagris posted: 31 Dec at 4:14 am

    I’m a BIG FAN of Mr. Laurel and Hardy. I love those guys so much. But are you aware that Sons of the Desert has a bit of a bad reputation? Do they allow women in the organization? It’s been my experience that they do not. If am wrong, please accept my apologizes.

  • creamofcardstv posted: 31 Dec at 4:50 am

    I like your vid clip and I’ve rated it as awesome. I’ve done another video clip on some old cigarette cards of 1930’s movie stars, including: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo,Johnny Weismuller, Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard.

  • hansvandenburg posted: 31 Dec at 5:30 am

    Would it be possible to get HAGELSLAG for breakfast too?

  • Broomstone posted: 31 Dec at 5:59 am

    Will there be marmalade for breakfast?

    c u there

  • madmomentsgo posted: 31 Dec at 6:15 am

    enjoyed watching

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