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Laurel & Hardy – Surviving Footage From “The Rogue Song”

All film enthusiasts and Laurel & Hardy fans alike know of the Boys only actual color film, a 1930 Oscar-winning love story entitled “The Rogue Song”. To add comic relief to the serious tone of the film, Laurel & Hardy were added to the cast at the last minute. Unfortunately, Nitrate film was the standard back in those days and as everyone knows if it wasn’t preserved to a higher quality stock of film, the negative would have turned to dust. This is the case with “The Rogue Song”, although over the past 30 years various footage has been discovered through many different prints of the film. The snippet here is the most intact scene, featuring Stan and Ollie going into a cave to sleep. They had a decent amount of screen time, and only 6 minutes of footage remains. Check your attics!

  • UncleRonski posted: 21 Oct at 1:17 am

    thanks for posting it

  • Durwood71 posted: 21 Oct at 2:00 am

    “Say, where’d you get that fur coat?” “What fur coat?” Such mundane lines on paper, yet they were comedy gold in the hands of these geniuses. I often hear modern day comedians referred to as “kings of comedy”, but as far as I’m concerned, the Boys have never been dethroned.

  • Perlinator67 posted: 21 Oct at 2:50 am


    There are lots of still photos for this film, and for most L&H films! A “coffee table” book called “Laurel and Hardy” by John McCabe and Al Kilgore weas published in 1975, and contains numerous still photos from almost every movie L&H made. This book may be out of print now, but used copies are available through various web sites.

  • 1stDewboy posted: 21 Oct at 2:54 am

    back then, the sound track was seperate from the film. it was recorded on very large records that were played in sync with the movie as it was screened. thus the audio was able to remain around altho the film part was lost. BTW, is that audio of the movie available somewhere? at least us fans could hear it !!!!

  • SuPrecioUnosDolares posted: 21 Oct at 3:40 am

    Do any stills survive? Some L&H fans wish their last movie, Utopia was lost. I for one would like the cut footage from the U.S. release of the 1951 film to be restored.

  • MalquiLans posted: 21 Oct at 4:07 am

    Many thanks!!! They’re grrreat :)

  • VTMCompany posted: 21 Oct at 4:51 am

    isn’t the bear’s roar really leo the MGM lion flexing his vocal muscles?

  • Outstep31 posted: 21 Oct at 5:25 am


  • horarwgt posted: 21 Oct at 6:01 am

    Shot in 2-strip Technicolor in 1929 and released the following year, MGM’s “The Rogue Song” was considered a totally lost feature for years. MGM’s print was destroyed in a fire and Technicolor threw away their check print. This three-minute clip was discovered in 1982 and remains all that is left of the film. Oddly, the entire soundtrack survives — just the movie itself is lost. L&H’s only other color appearance was in 1943’s “Tree In A Test Tube.”

  • don29568 posted: 21 Oct at 6:24 am

    i wonder if the scrip is still around ?
    how nice if somebody could make the movie
    for our boys laurel and hardy there the best!!!!!!!!!

  • 7Dunaway7 posted: 21 Oct at 6:29 am

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve been a Laurel and Hardy fan for years and this is a real treat. I knew they filmed something called “The Rogue Song” and the footage was missing or destroyed. I’m glad there are pieces found. I was ecstatic when “Duck Soup” was found in France.

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