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Stanlio Ollio – Laurel Hardy in Tynemouth (“Grand Hotel”)

Stanlio e Ollio a Tynemouth (versione accorciata), con commento in italiano di Luigi La Monica e musiche originali di Piero Montanari. Tratto dalla trasmissione TV “2 Teste senza Cervello” della RAI (1985). Laurel & Hardy in Tynemouth (abridged version), with Italian Commentary by Luigi La Monica and original music composed by Piero Montanari. Excerpt from Italian TV Show “2 Minds without a single thought” from RAI TV (1985)

  • docmalthus posted: 12 Nov at 1:22 am

    Priceless! Stan’s father thought he was posing for a still photo, and when Stan tells him it’s a movie he does Stan’s trademark mussing of hair with his son. Too precious!

  • rickygig86 posted: 12 Nov at 2:06 am

    stupendo documentario!…davvero rari a vederli!

  • 85dizel posted: 12 Nov at 2:40 am

    @smilzomagro ahahah davvero! le gag sono stupende XD

  • led7eppelin posted: 12 Nov at 2:52 am

    Stan was born in Ulverston, Cumbria. That’s why the Laurel & Hardy Museum is based there. You can see a plaque on the house in Ulverston where Stan was born, and the SONS OF THE DESERT do a parade through the town each year on his birthday. I think it was Stan’s father who originally came from North Shields.

    The footage of Stan with his father is very touching, they are genuinely having a good laugh together. I think Stan’s father ran a theatrical troupe, so comedy was in the family.

  • LuminousGuy posted: 12 Nov at 3:36 am

    Great to see stan with his family like that. His mum and dad looked really proud !

  • adessodormo posted: 12 Nov at 4:35 am

    stupendi mitici leggende

  • smilzomagro posted: 12 Nov at 5:20 am

    Ho riso come uno scemo mentre riproponevano al pubblico quelle piccole gag, ma quanto erano grandi? Direi IMMENSI!

  • Paulocamposak posted: 12 Nov at 5:37 am

    Che anno è?

  • mus139 posted: 12 Nov at 6:05 am

    is there in english version to this.

  • Ganbareg posted: 12 Nov at 6:14 am

    My car was parked outside this hotel last night, as i take the pooch for a walk on the beach, happy times.

  • fastandrea posted: 12 Nov at 6:56 am

    heartwarming footage–made me smile!

  • deepeemark posted: 12 Nov at 7:24 am

    Re Outtakes. I’ve heard that Stan had a reel of outtakes that used to ‘come out’ on special occasions. I seem to recall that it is discussed in the book “The Laurel and Hardy Encyclopedia”.

  • prettyparisian posted: 12 Nov at 7:43 am

    Lol Stan Started crying in Tynemouth wow!I love the way stan gives his mum and dad a kiss =) very special.

  • moominpic posted: 12 Nov at 7:58 am

    Fabtastic. My family lived in Tynemouth and N. Shields. My great-grandfather once went to decorate AJ’s house and was chased by a lion… turned out to be a great dane dressed as a lion.

  • AWM123456 posted: 12 Nov at 8:02 am


  • nortymonk posted: 12 Nov at 8:15 am

    Does anyone know of any Laurela & Hardy footage with out-takes?

  • backemergency posted: 12 Nov at 8:49 am

    due grandi uomini e attori dal cuore grande

  • prettyparisian posted: 12 Nov at 9:24 am

    Great to have had a comedy genius live and visit my own home. I love the Grand and Dockwray square in North Sheilds was actually where stan lived for a part of his life =D x

  • 1more4theroad posted: 12 Nov at 9:49 am

    God love ’em, one and all! I am sure Stan’s father, AJ, is running his favorite music halls in heaven while ‘the Boys’ entertain them all! I am glad they saw this much appreciation. I bet they would have never thought how popular and how much they continued to be loved and appreciated around the world. RIP Boys and see you soon!

  • chipstix4 posted: 12 Nov at 10:24 am

    did he say tynemouth gateshead coz if he did i live near aswell

  • mcbassil44 posted: 12 Nov at 10:42 am

    Fantastic to see Stan’s parents enjoying his success. I never knew this footage existed! Brilliant!

  • Ganbareg posted: 12 Nov at 10:45 am

    i live very near

  • ILSignorAntonio posted: 12 Nov at 11:16 am

    Tralasciando la loro superba verve comica ke meriterebbe un libro e non solo poke righe di un commento…di Stan Laurel una citazione detta in un punto di morte rimarrà impressa nella mente di tutti:

    -come vorrei stare sulla neve a sciare ( Laurel all’infermiera )
    – le piace sciare ? ( l’infermiera a Laurel )
    – infatti lo detesto, però sempre meglio ke stare qui ( Laurel all’infermiera )

    Un grande anke negli ultimi momenti della sua vita…

  • Sofocle91 posted: 12 Nov at 11:24 am

    è stupendo

  • cgrass posted: 12 Nov at 12:10 pm

    Nice to see his real smile come out when he looked at his father. Priceless.

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