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The Bullfighters – Laurel & Hardy (Parte 1)

The BullFighters Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy Director – Malcolm St. Clair 1945 Twenty Century Fox Separados de la Hall Roach, Laurel & Hardy continuaron haciendo películas con la MGM y la Twenty Century Fox. Ésta vez, de la mano con la segunda, realizaron el largometraje “The Bullfighters”, en la que personifican a dos detectives privados que buscan a una delincuente en México. Cuando descubren que Laurel tiene un parecido extraordinario con el famosísimo matador Don Sebastián, es obligado a torear por él, lo que no saben es que en dicho lugar encontrarán a Muldoon, un hombre que enviaron a la cárcel por error y que prometió “desollarlos vivos” si los encontraba otra vez.

  • whewfan posted: 27 Nov at 2:29 am

    Apparently St. Clair did allow Stan and Ollie more leeway, and with the exception of the last 10 minutes of the film, which was a mess, I would say this is the most tolerable of the Post-Roach era. Jitterbugs was also considered one of the better mid 40s efforts, because Stan and Ollie got to portray other characters, and Stan did get to do some re-writes.

  • TheEocene posted: 27 Nov at 2:44 am

    There’ll never be a duo to beat Ol’ Stan and Ollie 😀

  • mickclews posted: 27 Nov at 3:18 am

    I really have a soft spot for this film….Stan and Babe at least had some control over the movie and it shows…OK so it’s not their greatest work but it at least has it’s moments..and the boys are much closer to their ealier incarnations than in any of their other post-Roach movies….

  • beavistv369 posted: 27 Nov at 3:23 am

    @Lampshade51 stan laurel wrote scenes in this movie….it is actually the best of the 40s laurel and hardy films

  • Lampshade51 posted: 27 Nov at 3:54 am

    When Stan and Ollie left Hal Roach in 1940 to go to Fox, it was a huge mistake. The so-called writers of the Fox films didn’t seem to understand the personalities of Stan and Ollie. The writers just wrote generic, so-called “comedy” lines and the result was awful. They also lit them harshly and changed their makeup, which made them suddenly look 10 years older overnight.

    “The Bullfighters” (1945) is their last for Fox. So sad. Just awful. They deserved so much better than this crap.

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