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Summoning – Habbanan Beneath The Stars

I’m a big fan of the Austrian band Summoning, whose lyrics draw inspiration from the writings of JRR Tolkien. I had the idea of gathering the best pictures i could find about the place i live, Madeira Island, and make a video using Summoning’s music because the scenery fits perfectly the music. This island is special because it is where there are some of the oldest forests in the world. The laurisilva forests of Macaronesia are relicts of a vegetation type which originally covered much of the Mediterranean Basin when the climate of the region was more humid. With the drying of the Mediterranean Basin during the Pliocene, the laurel forests gradually retreated, replaced by more drought-tolerant sclerophyll plant communities. Most of the last remaining laurisilva forests around the Mediterranean are believed to have disappeared approximately 10000 years ago at the end of the Pleistocene, when the Mediterranean basin became warmer and drier, although some remnants of the laurel forest flora still persist in the mountains of southern Spain, north-center of Portugal and northern Morocco, and two constituent species (Laurus nobilis and Ilex aquifolium) remain widespread. The location of the Macaronesian Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean moderated these climatic fluctuations, and maintained the relatively humid and mild climate which has allowed these forests to persist to the present day. more information: Summoning homepage: www

  • Cubanheadbanger posted: 29 Nov at 5:47 am

    @WyrmvaterGlaurung summoning is always a good share

  • onhonho01 posted: 29 Nov at 6:01 am

    Belíssimas fotos e excelente escolha de música!

  • zesartt posted: 29 Nov at 6:13 am

    ¡PPZONES! el tio es de austria! y buenisimo…

  • 666Ashtaroth posted: 29 Nov at 6:51 am


  • demonlaught posted: 29 Nov at 7:22 am


  • WyrmvaterGlaurung posted: 29 Nov at 8:05 am

    if i am dead and gone, would you remain?

  • ppzones posted: 29 Nov at 8:21 am

    Esa musica de los black metaleros australianos Summoning tiene un retoque sobre la madre naturaleza

  • ankhara3 posted: 29 Nov at 8:53 am

    You are blessed indeed to live in such an exotic place. Unfortuanately most people take it for granted :-)

  • zebracat16 posted: 29 Nov at 9:16 am

    I love this song so much

  • varulv234 posted: 29 Nov at 10:09 am

    You live in a wonderful place, i’d love to live in such a place=)

  • nocturnocultoinfame posted: 29 Nov at 10:25 am


  • Cosmoses88888888 posted: 29 Nov at 10:36 am

    the photos r all fitting in, good job

  • toedlich666 posted: 29 Nov at 11:18 am

    Hail Summoning!

  • donk3y439 posted: 29 Nov at 11:25 am

    Looks like an awesome place to live 😀 also, great music

  • laubfall posted: 29 Nov at 12:05 pm

    very fond of Summoning. check also out the band I like – Arvaralda

  • toddod87 posted: 29 Nov at 12:12 pm

    Summoning rule.

  • Viriatus posted: 29 Nov at 12:42 pm

    The pictures are all from Madeira, not Azores.


  • AlbertaAllan posted: 29 Nov at 1:38 pm

    I never the Azores had such beautiful forests. It’s so amazing to watch this. I do know there’s a kind of echium and a geranium with a four foot tall trunk that grows on the island. It’s like a Lost World

  • Viriatus posted: 29 Nov at 1:47 pm

    it’s from their “Nightshade Forests” EP

  • Nighthrone posted: 29 Nov at 2:17 pm

    I thought I had heard every Summoning song but I have never heard this one…amazing.

  • erydiam posted: 29 Nov at 2:43 pm

    Keep your horns up!! by the way….
    Hail Summoning!!

  • SIL3N7HAWK posted: 29 Nov at 3:33 pm

    oooo i thought you were talking about the song nvm lol

  • erydiam posted: 29 Nov at 3:53 pm

    It’s supposed to be an Black Abstract know…I mean that photo from 0;29-0;30 is dislocate… whatever..Hail Summoning!!

  • SIL3N7HAWK posted: 29 Nov at 4:21 pm

    those are the horns of war man common

  • SIL3N7HAWK posted: 29 Nov at 4:36 pm

    the song is as beautiful as the pictures! this brings a tear to my eye. All glory to Summoning!!!

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